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Hi Sleepy Mama,
It's Lucy here and I am here to help you get much-needed rest!

Are you struggling with your little ones' sleep? Is it putting a strain on your family and relationships?

Let's build sustainable sleep for the whole family to stop the exhaustion and bring back your family enjoyment!


Hi I'm Lucy,

A little bit about why I started Mind the Mama and my approach. You don't have to cry-it-out to get some sleep back into your life.

Book a FREE call to find out more.

Father and Daughter

Individualised Sleep Plans

A FREE chat to talk through how I can help your family.

No sleep plan is the same as little one's sleep is as individual as the families.

“I did a power hour with Lucy and it was so helpful. She had some great tips on how to manage my lo sleep and made me feel so relaxed with what’s been happening and just how normal it is!"


"I first reached out to Lucy just before Christmas, I was at absolute breaking point with my little ones sleep, he was waking every 20 minutes every evening, cosleeping out of desperation rather than choice and waking every 1-2hours once I went to bed with him. Lucy supported us so well and taught me so much about normal infant sleep and tweaked a few things. He’s just turned one and false starts are rare and the night wakings are (a bit) less! I think the main thing is my confidence in his sleep, I know so much more now and can approach sleep and bedtime so much calmer, gone are the days of crying on an evening wondering what I’d done wrong, the truth is I haven’t, we just needed a little help!
Lucy is compassionate and kind, full of knowledge and promotes an actual gentle approach, as some sleep coaches I looked at prior was a “gentle” approach but really was just sleep training which I knew wasn’t right for our family. She taught me sustainable ways to support our baby’s sleep, and for that I’m so so grateful."


“The experience with Lucy was excellent. She is very kind, empathetic and knowledgeable and took time to understand our unique situation. I would highly recommend Lucy and would certainly ask her for advice again should we need it.”


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What the Call will cover:

Baby Sleeping

Let's get you some sleep!

Sleep deprivation, especially as a parent, is the worst! You have to keep going and can't catch a break.

Let's find a solution that works for your whole family!

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