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About Lucy.

A picture of Lucy the owner of Mind the Mama and VBAC Hypnobrithing

Hello! I am Lucy, the mother of two amazing boys! Yes, I always thought I would be a boy's mum. Both of said boys were and are Velcro boys.


Motherhood and how I parent are driving forces behind my research, how I talk to others, and how I approach working with my lovely families. It absolutely changed the way I approached everything, from health care to speaking to my boys.  


I believe in taking a holistic and family-centred approach to understanding the unique challenges of birthing, parenting, and family life, and I strive to provide a personalized approach to each client.

Why Work With Me....


Birth and parenting nerd led me down the researched and Evidence-based path and that is how I will continue to show up for myself and for all my lovely clients.

Personal Approach

Everyone is totally different, different risk levels, different experiences so naturally how I help each family with what ever support with be tailored to their needs.


Getting clients to believe in thir bodies and decisions is one of my favourite parts of my job. I love the confidence they leave me with!


I truely believe that everyone deserves the birth and parenting experience they want and I want everyone to feel respected, heard and valued!

So, what does Holistic sleep coaching mean?

A holistic approach looks at all aspects of health, both mental and physical, and the environment. It looks at lots of different aspects of the "problem". There could be somethings that is driving a particular behaviour, for example bedtimes might be stressful or there might be something that needs further looking into. 

What does family-centred mean?

Family-centred means that all family members are considered, and everyone's opinions and feelings are valid and considered in the approach.

Cry-it-out vs gentle methods?

Cry-it-out methods are popular but not based on solid evidence. The studies that form these types of sleep training are flawed at best and neglectful at worst. The evidence in the three major studies is flawed and doesn't truly discuss the impacts of sleep training on your little one. While I appreciate that this might not be your stance on this, which is your right, note that this might not be the place for you.

I prescribe a much gentler approach to sleep consulting that encourages building on attachment to help your little one feel safe and secure. This goes hand in hand with responsive parenting styles. 

Ethically, we are not able to do studies on babies to conclusively see which method is better, but we do have extensive studies, papers and research on attachment and responsive parenting. So, this is the way I learn both personally and professionally.

Holistic Hypnobirthing

This might seem a bit of a new term for Holistic Hypnobirthing, but what I am hoping to convey with this term is looking at the whole rather than just the parts of pregnancy and birth. Everyone has different experiences, risk levels and personalities, which means each pregnant person will approach pregnancy and birth differently. It is about tailoring the support to each person and guiding them through evidence-based knowledge to help them make decisions that fit with what they want.


About Mind The Mama and VBAC Hypnobirthing

Mind the Mama was born in 2022, about 6 months after my second son was born. What a journey to that point and from then on. Hi, I am Lucy let me tell you a little about Mind the Mama and VBAC Hypnobirthing.

My first son was born in 2019 in Kettering General Hospital, it was a traumatic birth followed by a not such a great postnatal period. I thought I was broken and my baby to boot, but I actually wasn’t, and neither was my baby. It was expectations of us, our family and society on what birth and parenthood should look like. He slept like a baby, I healed like a mother and gained strength from the knowledge and research of what is biologically normal for human beings!

Cue looking forward to my second birth, I knew I wanted this to be different, that it had to be different. I had a previous c-section so was labelled high risk, this did not stop me, I was birthing my baby the way my body wanted! I got my VBAC (vaginal birth after c-section) and went on to have a wonderful (hard, but wonderful) postnatal experience.

So what I took away from this is that our expectations and knowledge of birthing, parenting and babies are totally out of whack with what is biologically normal, and I wanted to change that. Mind the Mama began.

Starting with helping families with their little ones starting solid foods, slings and then leading on to infant sleep… and I have loved every minute of it!

Then VBAC Hypnobirthing happened, while I helping out my lovely families I found that helping new parents from the start of their journey and helping those navigate birth after c-section would massively impact their parenting efficacy and journeys. So, in 2023, I started VBAC Hypnobirthing.

Wow, ok, that’s me. I am just so excited to help people birth and parent the way that they WANT to. So give me a call if you want to know more about me or how I can help you!

Mind the Mama and VBAC Hypnobirthing services include infant sleep coaching, postnatal doula services, VBAC hypnobirthing, and hypnobirthing coaching.

I offer various packages such as infant sleep, hypnobirthing, and VBAC-specific courses. I aim to promote a holistic approach to infant care and help families thrive. I understand that every family is unique, and we tailor our services to meet your specific needs. You can expect a supportive and compassionate approach to achieving a healthy and happy family life by working with me.

Who I trained with and Why?

For Holistic Sleep Coaching I trained with Lyndsey Hookway's Holistic sleep coaching program. I did this because her approach is holistic, family-centred and gentle.

For Hypnobirthing I trained with The Birth Uprising, I did this because they have a no-nonsense aproach and believe everybody has the right to choice the birth they want. I agree!

Holisitic Sleep Coach Qualification Badge
The Birth Uprising Qualification Badge
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