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Mother and baby sleeping

Infant and Toddler Sleep Coaching
Help your little one back to sleep, get you the rest you need. 

Sleep deprivation is the absolute worst! It can feel relentless and cause a fractious family unit, but what can be done about it?

Have you been googling ‘getting my baby to sleep’ or ‘my baby doesn’t sleep’ or simple ‘help sleep’? You may have come across some wonderful people selling a one-size fix all for your little ones' sleep. Such as cry it out or controlled crying and that just doesn’t sit right with you. Well, you have come to the right place. All babies and toddlers are different, so why should we expect one solution to solve all their sleep issues?

Responsive Motherhood is what drives me to help other families.


Holistic sleep coaching and responsive parenting.

I apply both when looking at your family's needs and goals.

Holistic sleep coaching, what is it?

This gets thrown around a lot, and I think it might have lots of meaning. Holistic doesn't mean hippy or crystals. It means to look at the whole rather than the part. For example, while sleep might be the symptom, there might be a reason outside of the sleep itself causing the issue. So, the holistic approach is to analyse the day, the food, the night and the personality of the little one to see what it is that is impacting. 

Responsive parenting: What does it have to do with sleep?

Responsive parenting is the opposite of leaving your little one to cry. Now, before we get into it, YES, all babies cry. It is a form of communication and, for a long time, their only form. Sometimes, they will cry when we change their routine, etc. However, the major difference between me and a sleep trainer is that I will ALWAYS recommend supporting your little one either through cuddling, feeding, or whatever soothing your little one prefers. This is being responsive to your little ones needs.

No-Cry-It Out

I do not prescribe cry-it-out methods or sleep training methods. Why? Because they are not evidence-based, they cause a lot of upset to the baby, you and the family and can cause other problems down the line.

I discuss a range of options and unsure you are happy that it fits with you and your family.

Empowering You

I genuinely believe that all parents have the knowledge and power within themselves, although sometimes families need a little help to find that power and belief in their abilities. Not only this, but help and guidance through all the sleep training and cry-it-out that they do not feel is right for them but want to make a difference to their sleep.


Support is something that EVERY family needs at some point and sometimes it is earlier than others, that is ok.

My support is always with that family in mind and I tailor their needs to what I can offer. Yes, I have standard packages but I am able to chane and shape them to fit your families needs.

Normalising Infant Sleep

Normalising biological normal infant sleep makes such a difference to your parenting journey.

We are constantly told that our babies need to sleep and they should be sleeping independently, but this is simply not possible for many babies. Talk to Lucy and find out how to protect your own sleep.


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“Oh my goodness, sleep! Lucy was so kind and reassuring that my baby wasn’t broken and gave some really good tips to help get some evening time back and to get us all more sleep!!! Deffo recommend!”



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