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Ready for a Successful VBAC?
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45 minute

Session today!

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⭐️What challenges you may face?
⭐️How to overcome them?
⭐️What will your journey look like?


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With me,

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How to Have a successful VBAC


Tuesday, May 9

Israel Daylight Time (GMT +3) 

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Are you considering a Vaginal Birth After C-section (VBAC) but unsure where to start? Or are you determined to have a VBAC and want to be as informed as possible? You're in the right place!


About Lucy 

Lucy is a dedicated and experienced VBAC coach who has not only had a successful VBAC herself but has also guided many others through their journeys. Her passion is to help you achieve a positive birth experience after a C-section.


What Does This Session Include? 

  • Challenges and Solutions: Lucy will discuss common challenges faced during a VBAC pregnancy and provide strategies to overcome them.

  • Empowerment and Preparation: Learn how to take control of your pregnancy journey and confidently prepare for your VBAC.

  • Informed Decision-Making: Get detailed insights into the benefits and risks associated with VBAC to make informed decisions.


Free Uterine Rupture Guide! 

As a special bonus, you'll receive a FREE Uterine Rupture Guide to help you understand this rare but important aspect of VBAC. This guide will provide you with valuable information and peace of mind as you prepare for your birth.


Join Lucy and take the first step towards a confident and empowered VBAC journey! We can't wait to see you there.

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“My husband and I both really benefited from Lucy's Positive Birth After C-section class. Lucy has made it very easy to understand and we feel so positive about this birth. The extra materials she sent are a great reference guide and she couldn't be more helpful."


"I attended Online Birth After Cesarean Workshop. I highly recommend this class! Lucy is so knowledgeable and gives so much information to think about.
Thank you!"


“The session was amazing. Lucy was informative, welcoming and engaging throughout and ensured we had plenty of time for Q&A at the end. She shared lots of facts, non-biased information to start off our own research and birth plans. She also shared tips for having the best birth experience after a C section. It was so lovely to (virtually) meet Lucy and the other ladies in the group. Thank you again, I can’t wait to let you know how I get on! X
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