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Supporting Parents From Birth to Beyond


How can MTM help you?

Mind the Mama | VBAC Hypnobirthing's 5-star rated services to support you and your family through birth preparation, birthing and beyond.

Lucy supports ALL Births, ALL people and ALL Families!

Lucy supports through antenatal preparations, as a birth and postnatal doula and infant sleep coaching. Want to know how I can support you book a FREE call to find out how I can help.


Mind The Mama's Approach

At MindTheMama, we believe in a holistic approach to pregnancy, birth and infant care that considers both the baby's and the parent's physical, emotional, and social needs.


Lucy is dedicated to empowering parents with evidence-based knowledge and support and creating a nurturing environment for the whole family.

Lucy NEVER tells you how to have your baby or raise your baby, she helps to give you the tools and knowledge to have the birth and family life on your own terms.

Lucy- Owner

About Me!

Lucy is both Mind the Mama and VBAC Hypnobirthing a holistic antenatal and postnatal teacher located in Market Harborough, UK, that offers a range of services related to pregnancy, birth, parenthood and family life. Lucy is dedicated to providing evidence-based, compassionate care to families worldwide.

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Get Help

Find out how I can help you and your family. To feel informed, supported, confident, with evidence-based information and with self-kindness.











When my wife asked me to attend hypnobirthing classes, I felt somewhat indifferent towards it, but went along to the first session with an open mind. However, the time spent with Lucy proved invaluable in dispelling my fears and apprehension around the birth of our next child. Lucy’s depth of knowledge and relaxed delivery made it thoroughly enjoyable and I have come away feeling far more confident and informed about the birthing process and my role as the birthing partner. I would highly recommend Lucy’s hypnobirthing course to fathers-to-be or birthing partners!

Greg, Birth Partner


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