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What makes a good candidate for VBAC(Vaginal Birth After C-section)?

Updated: Apr 24

Csection scar with baby underneath

We often hear people say things like “approved for a VBAC” or “they told me I was a good/bad candidate of a VBAC” or “I want a VBAC, but I will see what the consultant says”.

But what actually makes you good candidate? The ONLY thing that makes you a good “candidate” for a VBAC is…. Wanting one!

Yes, it is that simple. If you want a VBAC, you have the right to choose how you birth your baby whether it is in alignment with what your health care provider advises. Because that is all they can do, advise!

Understanding the risk factors can massively help you make your decision on how you want to birth your baby and having open dialog with a health care provider you trust and makes you feel respect is so important. If you do not trust or makes you feel respected, then change them. You have every right to seek different care.

You only get to birth this baby(ies) once, so what is more important your birthing experience or health care professional who is not treating you the way you wish to be treated gets upset for a moment?  

You do not need their approval to birth the way you want to. This can feel stressful and overwhelming especially in the “good girl” culture, not to mention if you have any other factors such as race, disability, size, or age then you might feel like you have even more of a battle on your hands.

Goodness knows I had a battle, and I only had the previous c-section to contend with. So now know you want a VBAC making you an excellent candidate where do you go from there?

Speak with your health care provider and see how you feel about the support they are going to give you. Have a look at the rest of support team, doula’s are very experienced in ALL types of births but some do specialise in VBAC specially.

Asking questions can really put your mind at ease… or even if you don’t have questions take notes on everything, they are presenting take those away to digest and research. You can record to the meetings; you just have to let know. Consent goes both ways!

Get yourself on a hypnobirthing course, hopefully mine wink wink, getting yourself informed and confident with your birth choices AND getting you into the right frame of mind with dramatically improve your chance of a positive birth!

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